Giving to the Community

Experience the Northeast Kingdom offers free advertisement listing to the following:

Campgrounds, Maple Sugar Houses, bike/boat rentals, galleries, tour guides and other listings under Things to Do.

Connecting the NEK

Experience the Northeast Kingdom links to local Chambers of Commerce, area organizations and businesses. Can't find your organization? Contact us. We'd be happy to add your group.

Keeping Up To Date with Experience the NEK

We're keeping visitors in touch with local happenings in the NEK, such as: Concerts, Sports Events, Exhibits and Special Happenings

It's Just $10 per Month!

Businesses may advertise for just $10 per month with a one month minimum. Furthermore, businesses do not have to be a member of a chamber of commerce or any other organization, public or private.


Some History....

This concept began the summer of 2010 when I drove past the North Beach of Lake Willoughby in Westmore.

It was a sunny, warm Saturday in July. There were only a few people enjoying, perhaps, one of the most scenic vistas I've seen in New England. Certainly Lake Willoughby is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes in America, well known and publicized.

There clearly wasn't the marketing effort in place to properly present Lake Willoughby, or the many other beautiful lakes, mountains and so much more in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

Bringing Business To Businesses

Experience the Northeast Kingdom is a project designed to foster business development throughout the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The project, devoted to business development, provides an inexpensive and effective means of advertising for a variety of businesses in the area.

Experience the Northeast Kingdom includes a website, where businesses may advertise, along with﷯ other marketing efforts designed to drive traffic to the project's website and business to businesses. Experience the Northeast Kingdom lists more than 150 businesses located in the Northeastern corner of Vermont, including hotels, motels, restaurants, rental agencies, shops, campgrounds, maple sugar houses, horse stables and much more.

We're a Part of the Social Media

With more than 500 followers, Experience Vermont that posts for Experience the Northeast Kingdom has a presence on Twitter that has been very helpful to business owners and the Northeast Kingdom.

We've reached out to the Audubon Society, the AARP and a number of organizations through this media network. Meanwhile, we're followed by This Is Vermont, Vermont Life and many other organizations and businesses in Vermont and across the USA.

Got Stats!

For 2017, Experience the Northeast Kingdom has achieved outstanding results. Visitation grew 16.39% from 146,298 to 170,282, our best year ever.

Keep in mind that both visitation and click counts are simply from the "Root Folder" and do not reflect pages found with the assistance of "Advanced Routing".

"Advanced Routing" influences the count of clicks for visitation verses the count of clicks within the site as well. While visitation has grown for 2017, the count of clicks within the website fell slightly for the year.


Does this mean that fewer clicks are occurring within the site? No, it doesn't. Advanced Routing very likely picked up the slack, allowing for pages to be viewed without retrievals from the root folder. Also- cache may also skewed results.

February 2018

February was an absolutely stellar month for visitation with 27, 868 visitors to the website!!! The previous record was just above 19,000 this past fall.

There are several factors that I can refer to as the reason why.  February is school vacation month with the second and third weeks' school vacations allowing for families to enjoy the area's skiing and snowmobiling.

February is also the height of the winter season.  In addition, temperatures for the month were more or less mild.

Meanwhile, Experience the Northeast Kingdom has a level of repeat visitation ranging from 25% to 75 % of visitation for a given period.  People are coming to the website and people are finding the website.  

Experience the Northeast Kingdom is an International website optimized throughout the world.  On rare occasions, the root folder count "experiences" a spike in number count from a foreign county. This occurred in February 2018 with 4,582 visitors from Uzbekistan.  Other countries did have a root folder count for February 2018, such as; Russia 1,167, Ukraine 862, Canada 400, France 323, Moldova 142.  The per-country count of visitation for February declines from there with visitors across Europe, Asia, South America and other parts of the world finding the website in fewer numbers.

From the United States we had 19,418 visitors for February. That's was very good

March 2018 brought further advances in both visitors and clicks within the website for the project. While total visitation for the month was 43,174, of that number, at least 34, 744 were within the United States.

The project is now performing better than ever.  I can only attribute the surge in activity to its longevity on the Internet, name recognition and continued success in presenting the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont to its viewers.

Marcia Horne

Totals for 2018

January 2018

  • Clicks Within the Website: 35,879
  • Visitors  14,334

February 2018

  • Clicks Within the Website 54,925
  • Visitors 27,868

March 2018

  • Clicks Within the Website 68,668
  • Visitors 43,174

April 2018

  • Clicks Within the Website 31,550
  • Visitors 11,771

May 2018

  • Clicks Within the Website 38,892
  • Visitors 13,722

Totals For 2015

  • Clicks Within the Website --- 497,298
  • Visitors --- 101464


Totals for 2016

  • Clicks Within the Website --- 516934
  • Visitors --- 146298

Totals for 2017

  • Clicks Within the Website --- 506,014
  • Visitors --- 170,282

So-What's Going On?

Well, the first week of March 2015, Experience the Northeast Kingdom went mobile!

The website now renders on the Iphone and the smallest of Internet devices with usability in mind. Check us out on your mobile device. We're dynamic, easy to read and navigate.

In April, 2015 the hosting of the website was improved to accompany the heavy visitation. Hosting, as of April 2015, includes "Advanced Routing" that allows visitors to retrieve the website from other visitors. Those of you that are computer savvy might especially understand that the website is now well poised to accompany heavy traffic.

What "Advanced Routing" doesn't do is count every visitor to the website. The stats above are a count of retrievals from the root folder of the website and do not include those who visit the website with the help of "Advanced Routing".

So, how many visitors are actually visiting the website since April 2015? I don't know. No one can know.

That's the one drawback of "Advanced Routing". It's fantastic for heavily visited websites, though no total counting of visitation is available.

Purchasing or Renewing Your Advertising on Experience the NEK?

I'd love it if you did. What we need to arrange an ad....

  • Your photos, text and logo, if available Experience the NEK
  • Your Business Information, including address, contact info and website url
  • Any type of ad specifications? Color, design? Feel free to let me know.
  • Have an inquiry or to place an order Call 1-802-487-4508 or send your email to

Make Your Purchase Online

Experience the Northeast Kingdom

Some Frequently Asked Questions....

  • How long does it take for my ad to appear once you've my information?
    You should expect your advertisement to appear between 1-3 days after receipt of your information.
  • How do I know if I am receiving clicks from my advertisement?
    Your own website logs should show you where your clicks are coming from, unless you have in place software to tabulate for you.
  • Do I need to keep track of when to renew or do you contact me?
    You will be contacted regarding your renewal, however, please feel free to renew or extend your advertising at any time.
  • Are there any start up fees? Any other charges?
    No. It's just $10 per month. No start up fees. No other charges.
  • What will the "Duplicate Content" do to the optimization of my website. Will I be penalized (or Experience the Northeast Kingdom) for duplicating content? No, " “Duplicate content on a site is not grounds for action on that site unless it appears that the intent of the duplicate content is to be deceptive and manipulate search engine results." Google Webmaster Tools. For more information please visit.