The Vision

As a resident of northeastern Vermont for over 15 years I've had the good fortune to become acquainted with the economy,

what drives the local market and various frameworks for success.

I work to enhance overall economic conditions, improve the results of the many individual businesses that have become my clients and  provide a digital media/digital marketing framework to bring us forward.

I envision that, as we move forward, keeping pace with an ever changing technological world while extending our marketing efforts throughout New England Vermont and its northeast will become a premier destination for many travelers.

My Story

As a starting point in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, I referenced

my previous marketing experience as a former stock broker. I also referenced my advanced studies in economics, corporate finance and financial analysis.

In combining my previous work experience and education with an Online study of web design and video production Marcia Horne, Marketing Consulting was born.

Please feel free to contact me with your questions regarding Digital Media/Digital Marketing.  I am available during regular business hours at 802-487-4508.