There are Several Solutions

Even if you're not especially computer savvy you may certainly utilize your own skills and talents to create a website that is uniquely you.

One great advantage in doing it yourself is that you are in control.  Updates and changes become a minor task.

Three solutions readily available through Marcia Horne, Marketing Consulting that easily suit the many needs of most businesses include a Word Press Application, Website Builder and Quick Shopping Cart.

If you're interested in putting together an online resume a starter page or Website Builder for personal would suit your needs. cPanel has within its platform several customizable templates and are available in every cPanel hosting platform.

AND- for the more adventurous type and those that have purchased a hosting plan with cPanel who now choose to "Go Template", cPanel has several customizable temple and E-Commerce template solutions readily available.


Question? Feel Free to  contact my Support Team at 1-480-624-2500.

With your new purchase of a Website Hosting account or Website Builder keep in mind that you're entitled to a FREE Domain Name for the same number of years of your purchase up to three years.

They'll show you how to include your FREE Domain Name with your purchase.  They will also help you with set up and walk you through technical issues.

Interested in looking at template designs? Stunning template designs are available to suit most industries.  My Support Team will assist you.