Buying Online Advertising? Try Updating Free Listings First.

Advertising on the Internet

Advertising on the Internet may include a number of applications offered through Google, Bing, Facebook and You Tube. Costs are easily tailored to suit your needs AND you may target a specific market or geographic location.

You might also be interested in updating those annoying directories, such as,,, and others that take up web optimization and sometimes place ahead of a businesses own website– for Free.

My philosophy concerning directories is that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Those directories that I’ve mentioned list businesses without being approached by the business owner. They are, however, eager to hear from the business owners that they list, have a button available for business owners to “Claim Your Listing” and an easy to navigate widget for business owners to enter data, including a website address, photo, business hours and other information.  Some will also ask you to include the various categories of your business enterprise.  It is VERY helpful to include as many business categories as is the case.

What is also VERY HELPFUL is that these websites are especially optimized and will optimize your business listing further with your input. These directories will do much of the work for you… and that would be for FREE.

I recommend to go two to three pages deep on search results.  If you’re not comfortable doing this your self please feel free to contact me.  For a minimal one time cost your information will be presented- with accuracy and detail to many.  Business owners do not need a website to claim and update business directory listings.

One advice that I will give you is to be accurate and not overstate.  To embellish when submitting information to Search Engines is frowned upon to degree that a business may excluded.  Google and many other major search engines made the Internet a viable source of information by way of a safeguard to abusive and misleading information as to the truthfulness and validity of the websites they present.



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