New!! Experience Barre is the latest addition to Experience Vermont, an ongoing effort to bring business to businesses.

An Internet directory with categories to suit the many businesses in the area and designed to attract many visitors in the area, I am proud to present Experience Barre.

We're off and running! Launched this January 2019, I've included a highlight of Experience Barre on Experience the Northeast Kingdom and Experience Montpelier.

Experience Barre is tweeted on our Twitter, Experience Vermont! Look for us on Twitter.


Interested in Advertising?

While Experience Barre lists many businesses in Barre, full-page advertising has shown itself to be very effective.

Businesses that advertise are listed on their corresponding category page under the title "Spotlight".  That listing clicks to a full page of text and photos designed to attract customers to the corresponding business.

Businesses that advertise also have a top navigation link to their page on the desktop layout, and are a part of a scrolling advertising display at the bottom of every page on the tablet and mobile layout.

This formula has been in place for Experience Montpelier since inception and is duplicated for the directory for Experience Barre.

I've had positive feedback from numerous businesses in both locations, in fact, at times, the advertising has shown dramatic results in a short time.

Advertising includes:

  • A full page of text and photos, location, Business Hours and Website Link
  • Google Interactive Map of Business Location
  • Calendar of Events Postings
  • Posting on Experience Vermont's Twitter
It's Just $10 a Month

Advertising on Experience Barre is $10 per month.  There are no other fees associated with this project. Furthermore, businesses do not have to be a member of any organization, public or private, to participate.