Experience Vermont is BACK!

Experience the Northeast Kingdom, Experience Montpelier and Experience Barre are now gearing up for a full steam ahead marketing effort beginning this June 1, 2021!!!

Efforts will include jamming our corresponding Calendar of Events with local concerts and happenings, social media tweets on Experience Vermont's Twitter and email marketing campaigns.

AND- while advertising costs will resume at $10 per month, we're also making available a Special SALE price of $100 for 1 year, a savings of $20 to all area businesses.


Reaching The Market

Effective Internet directory advertising reaches many.  While businesses have their own website for their own unique products and services, effective Internet directory advertising brings many to a single place for many different reasons.

Experience Vermont projects extend its reach throughout New England, one of the keys to its success.

Current and Informative

Experience Vermont Internet directory advertising provides a current and informative venue of information to a high tech, active audience.

Google, Bing and other search engines like it too. Up to date Calendar of Events, shopping SALES events, trail report,  seasonal photography and points of interest help with optimization.

Active Social Media

Believe it or not, Tweeting on Twitter and posting on Facebook help tremendously.  It may be an announcement of a live band performance, new arrivals at a local retail store or trail reports for local ski areas.

Experience Vermont posts for Think Vermont.  Experience Vermont is followed by This Is Vermont and Vermont Life.

New Project!!

Serving Barre Vermont

Experience Barre

Launched January 2019, Experience Barre has been helping businesses in the area reach their market.

Informative, current and seasonally updated, businesses are invited to enjoy a full page of advertising that includes a Google Interactive Map, Hours of Operation, text, photos and a link to a website- for FREE now until January 1, 2021- when I expect the pandemic crisis to be over.

Please feel free to contact me at 1-802-622-8000 or email info@marciahornemarketingconsulting.com for further details concerning how you may enjoy this FREE offer.


Serving Vermont's Northeast

Experience the Northeast Kingdom

Now over seven years old, Experience the Northeast Kingdom provides effective and inexpensive Internet directory advertising for Vermont's Northeast.With over 130 business listings, the Internet directory has an impressive growth trend in visitation.

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Serving Montpelier, Vermont

Experience Montpelier

Newly created February 2017, Experience Montpelier has shown  proven effectiveness in its first year.  As a second addition to Experience directories, with its inception began Experience Vermont.

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