Google Gets Tough on Optimization

It used to be- not too long ago that optimization was easily found on Google.  A website with pertinent informatino, some headers with search phrases in mind, and keywords, keywords, keywords along with a reasonable sitemap.xml in place was enough.

Now, in order to be found on Google, and to a degree Bing/Yahoo/MSN/AOL, it is necessary to sign into the touted and revered Google My Business app. Bing has a similar animal, Bing Places for Businesses

The good news is that both apps are FREE and relatively easy to use.  I have added many of my clients to both and have found that the simple added step brings in much business in a relatively short period of time.

Both apps allow business owners to add their business listing to numerous categories that will optimize your website for each category included.

For example, an Italian restaurant may be listed as an Italian Restaurant and also a Pizza Restaurant, an auto repair shop may list under categories such as, mechanic, auto repair, tire sales, etc.  Please don't stretch it! However, please also give yourself some credit.  There are likely numberous categories that your business fits into. One example is the gift shop category that might be suitable for hobby shops, toy stores, candle stores and jewelry shops.

Google My Business has two unique functions that also help drive traffic to your business.  One is the "Post" function where you may post a Sale Event or general information designed to bring visitors to your location.

The other enhancement is "Product Beta".  Product Beta is a product listing enhancement for products on an Online Store.  Listing products on Product Beta will improve your products visibility and allow visitors to click directly to their location on your Online storefront.

Combining both Google My Business and Bing Places for Businesses in your Digital framework will greatly assist virtually any business in furthering their business pressence on the Internet.

If you don't feel comfortable about working with the above two apps directly, please feel free to contact me.  I am a recognized Digital Media/Digital Marketing Agent with both Google and Bing.  I can help.


Marcia Horne

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