Shared Hosting vs. a Virtual Private Server

Shared and Virtual Private Website Hosting

While many businesses and individuals host their website on an economically priced shared hosting server platform, there may be a time when choosing a virtual private server would be the better course.

A shared hosting platform hosts numerous websites on a single hard drive.  A Virtual Private Server hosts a single website to a single hard drive, accounting for the cost.

Both shared hosting platforms and Virtual Private Servers available at Marcia Horne, Marketing Consulting can handle the most intricate and dynamic websites.

However, available space and expected visitation are two key factors. If your website is experiencing heavy visitation you'll need to upgrade from an economy hosting platform.

One Alternative to VPS- Ultimate Cpanel Hosting Platform

While the Ultimate cPanel Hosting platform can handle heavy visitation with enhanced speed, the use of Advanced Routing that is incorporated into the Ultimate cPanel hosting platform doesn't give a complete count of visitation.

The Ultimate cPanel hosting platform is a shared hosting network and far less expensive than a Virtual Private Server.

Keep in mind that the Ultimate cPanel hosting platform includes an SSL Certificate and the availability to host an unlimited number of websites.

For a smaller business with heavy visitation, migrating to Ultimate cPanel hosting might be the answer. ...Learn More

The Overriding Concern with Shared Hosting

What's the general concern with shared hosting platforms? 

Unexpected downtime due to the "shared" and unidentifiable aspect of the platform from the perspective of an individual website owner.

While some may warn that shared hosting platforms may disrupt a website's renderability on the web, downtime due to a server being "shared" really isn't an issue with shared hosting through my portal with Go Daddy.

I can tell you that downtime of a website due to shared hosting is something that I've never witnessed.

The Virtual Private Server

However, for large institutions and corporations that need it all and don't mind the cost a Virtual Private Server may be the better choice.

A Virtual Private Server can handle heavy visitation and provide accurate visitation numbers.

Larger entities may need accurate numbers to identify successful (or unsuccessful) advertising efforts.

Wondering how much? ...Learn More

Seamless Website Hosting Migration

Keep in mind that if you choose a hosting platform with Marcia Horne, Marketing Consulting you may upgrade at any time without disrupting your website or its renderability.

Please feel free to contact my 24/7 Support Team at 1-480-624-2500 if you have any questions regarding the various advantages of shared hosting and Virtual Private Server networks.

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