Need a Grant to Cover Your Online Advertising?

Great News!  The Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Affairs has made available grant funding for Vermont businesses to cover the costs associated with professional services.

As of this April, 2021, funding is now available to cover three months worth of expenses IF you experienced a net loss in 2020 OR if you've experienced a net loss for 2020 AND closed your business and request funding for your business to re-open.

Also- if your business incurred gross profits of $24,000 or more other funding is currently available.

Grant funding for businesses located in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom is also available for technical assistance. That includes web design, E-commerce development, Email Marketing and much more.

AND Marcia Horne, Marketing Consulting is APPROVED as a Technical Service Provider under this grant program.  Hiring an approved Technical Service Provide is a prerequisite for receiving Grant Funding under the ACCD Small Business Technical Assistance Grant Program.

For more information please visit

AND- please feel free to contact me at 802-622-8000 if I may be of assistance.

Online Product Sales in Today's Market

Many businesses in today's market are selling their products nationally and even Internationally by way of an Online Store.

E-Commerce has become extremely popular due to the introduction of "Marketplaces", an application that allows virtually any small business to compete on Amazon, Google Shopping Network, eBay and other national and International shopping venues.

My advice is not to be intimidated by the task of bringing your products available for sale Online.

If you've been waiting for the right time.  It's now.

The fact is that more and more people are simply shopping Online. 12.4% of all retail sales for 2020 is anticipated to occur Online, up from 9% in 2017, 10% in 2018 and 11.1% in 2019. That number is expected to grow to 13.7% for 2021.

Whether you're interested in dipping your big toe into the water or just diving right in, I have an E-Commerce solution for you!.

The Online Store Solution

Shopify E-Commerce

For those that would like it all and don't mind paying extra, Shopify E-Commerce provides a state of the art, all in one approach to creating and maintaining an Online store.

Various plans allow for flexibility, with many add-ons available for the inclusion of advanced applications.

No set up fee, no transaction fee, sell and ship around the world.

No website hosting cost, No SSL cost.  All you need is a domain name.

AND- with easy access and integration into Marketplaces, including; Google Shopping Center, Bing Shopping Center, Amazon, Walmart, Houze's and more, you'll be able to track your inventory and sales all in one place.

Enjoy a two week FREE Trial to get started! And no- you won't need to enter your credit card to enjoy the Shopify E-commerce FREE Trial. ...More

Ecwid E-Commerce

Enjoy a state of the art application with many dynamic add-ons available, including Marketplace integration with Google Shopping Network, Amazon, Ebay and more.

Ecwid is a superior E-commerce solution and a little less expensive.  With the use of their simple design, enjoy free website hosting and SSL.

No set up fee, no transaction fee, accept Pay Pal and credit cards, sell and ship around the world.

In fact, if you're really interested in getting started, you may, for FREE, If you choose to include 10 products or less, enjoy their FREE plan - without end.  AND, no- you don't need to give them your credit card for their FREE plan. That's Ecwid.

You'll just need a domain name.

If you have already have a website- an Online Store from Ecwid E-Commerce can simply be inserted into it.  ...More


Quick Shopping Cart

A Go Daddy mainstay, shop all in one place with a state of the art E-Commerce solution that gives you access to 1,500 designs, no set up or per transaction fees, accept Pay Pal, Credit Card or phone orders and ship to US, Canada, Mexico and more than 100 countries worldwide. FREE hosting. Just good.

Choose from three pricing plans to suit your needs.

AND- enjoy access to Marketplaces with the Google Shopping Network and Ebay Online store integration.

Questions, enjoy 24/7 phone support. ...More



Still Can't Find It?

There's more.

Through cPanel and Word Press I can introduce you to a number of other alternatives, including PrestaShop, Magento, Zen Cart and Woo Commerce.


If you feel you'll need help customizing your Online store or integrating an Ecwid portal into your existing website, I would be happy to work with you. Customizing Online stores from start to finish, including setting up credit card sales, shipping, as well as marketplace integration that will allow you to sell your products on Amazon, Walmart, Ebay and more- that's something that I do.

I can also insert an Ecwid E-commerce portal into any html, Adobe or WordPress Website.

Not sure? Feel free to contact me with your questions at 1-802-622-8000.

Internet Products and Services

What you'll need to have your website Online and performing well.

Our online Internet Website Hosting suite also includes SSL, Website Security Online Calendars, Fax with Email and Business Email.

Learn more.


Online Marketing Tools

To help drive traffic to your website and your business the Internet provides a portal like none other.  There are several effective and inexpensive tools that can improve your results almost instantly.

Learn more.

Video Production

Video and film may be a part of your marketing strategy Online and at many other locations, including your place of business,  TV, movie theaters and trade shows.

Learn more.

Need a Website?

I build websites, from concept to completion, with an emphasis on state of the art design, product presentation, SEO and results.

In addition to a design, you'll need a domain name, website hosting and SSL.

Let's talk. Please feel free to contact me at 1-802-622-8000.


 Website Hosting

Shop for the ideal website hosting plan and choose from shared or private hosting servers, website hosting that can handle an unlimited number of websites, unlimited bandwidth, and even visitors.

Have a small business? Try Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel that allows access to many add-ons, including Word Press.

For a  large or multi-segmented business, either the Ultimate Linux Hosting with cPanel or a Virtual Private Server may better suit your needs.

Website Builder

Need an easy and affordable solution to a website for your business or personal use?

Website Builder has available 300 custom template designs that cover many industries and hundreds of stock photos for our clients to use.

Enjoy an SSL and Website Hosting built into the price, as well as Social Media widget links, photo sliders, form mailers and much more. ...More

For questions, sales and service contact my Support Team 24/7 at 1-480-624-2500 or feel free to contact Marcia Horne, Marketing Consulting at 1-802-622-8000 during regular business hours.